Lalu Lenders: Terms & Conditions


  • The Lalu Lenders program is available to U.S. customers only
  • Lenders are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • The program is limited to one wrap per person at a time. You may ultimately rent as many wraps as you wish, but you must return the first wrap before receiving the second one, and so on.
  • There is no guarantee of Lender availability. Once you return a wrap, you must sign up for another wrap as a new agreement.  Any fees paid or credits issued do not carry over from one lender to another.  You may only apply a ‘credit’ for fees paid to the purchase of the wrap you are currently lending. 


    • By completing your order, you are verifying that you have read the complete Terms & Conditions and that you agree to rent a carrier for $20 billed every two weeks, indefinitely, until the wrap is either returned or purchased.
    • Your rental period begins when you check out on the website and pay your first $20 fee.
    • Lalu will make every effort to send the wrap within two days of your signing up for the program, however, Lalu is not responsible for mail delays.
    • We will continue to charge your card until you either a) return the wrap or b) buy the wrap.
    • You are responsible for keeping your payment method up to date. Should your card fail as part of the bi-weekly rental charges, we will email you to ask you to update your payment information. If you do not update it, then Lalu has the right to pursue any means necessary to collect payment, including taking legal action and/or filing a report with the major credit bureaus.


    • If you wish to purchase the lender wrap over the course of the rental period, it is your responsibility to email: to request a Paypal invoice for purchase.
    • We will send you a Paypal invoice for the purchase price, minus a 15% discount if the wrap is 'pre-loved' (used), and minus any lender fees you paid to date (not to exceed the total retail price of the wrap).
    • If the discounted amount exceeds the retail price of the wrap, you will simply no longer be charged.
    • No credits will be issued beyond the retail price of the wrap.


    • All wraps should be returned to: Lalu Wovens, 5507 NE 58th St, Seattle WA, 98105.
    • If you return the wrap, you are solely responsible for ensuring that the wrap arrives back to Lalu in the same condition that it was received in order to avoid being charged.
    • Lalu is not responsible for wraps lost in the mail and it is your responsibility to add tracking or insurance, if desired, to ensure that it arrives back to Lalu HQ.
    • If you return the wrap, you do not get a credit toward a future purchase of a different Lalu product. Credits of rental fees paid only apply to the purchase of the Lender.
    • You are not required to wash the wrap upon return, or at any point during the rental period. However, should you choose to wash it, you agree to follow the instructions on the Care page of the Lalu website:
    • Lalu may charge a damage fee, at our discretion, if the Lender is returned to us in any condition other than the same condition it was received.
    • If the wrap is returned with normal wear and tear (i.e. a small pull), we will not charge a fee.
    • If the wrap is returned visibly damaged (ex. a seam is undone) but we determine that it can be fixed, we will only charge the cost to fix it.
    • If the wrap is returned in a state that is damaged beyond repair, you may be charged up to the full retail price of the new wrap (as listed on the website).
    • Damage may include, but is not limited to any of the following: tears, excessive pulls, stains, bleach, odors (ex. smoke, heavy perfume), alterations, markings, etc.


    • Any Lalu promotional codes or discounts for wraps ‘for purchase’ do not apply to the Lalu Lender program.
    • Questions about the program or fees should be directed to