Lalu Lenders: FAQ's

What Is Lalu Lenders?

Lalu Lenders is a risk-free way to try a Lalu woven before you buy it.  You ‘rent’ the wrap for a small weekly fee and you have the option to keep it, buy it, or return it.

What does it cost?

$10 per week, billed every two weeks ($20) until you return it.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. We believe that once you see and feel the difference, you’ll fall in love.

How do I get one?

They are available on a first-come-first-serve basis on our website.  Keep an eye on our Instagram & Facebook pages for availability. 

Are the wraps new?

They may be new, or they may be "pre-loved." If new, you will receive it in loom state. If pre-loved, the wrap is washed and inspected before it is sent out.  

Do I pay for shipping?

No, shipping is included. We also include a pre-paid envelope to make it easy for you to return when you’re ready.

How long can I keep it?

As long as you wish.

How long does it take to get it?

We ship USPS, and it usually takes a couple days. We’ll send a tracking number when you complete your order.

What if I fall in love and want to purchase it?

Just email us and we’ll send you a PayPal invoice for the retail price of the wrap, minus any lender fees paid to date (plus a 15% discount if the wrap is pre-loved).

So, I really get a credit for any lender fees towards the wrap purchase?

Yes. We give you full credit, up to the price of the wrap.

Can I apply my credit toward anything in the Lalu store?

You can only apply the credit to the Lender you have.

How do I get started?

Just choose an available lender and check out on our site by making your first $20 payment.

I don’t see the wrap I want as a lender. Why can’t I have it?

We try to keep as many lenders as we can in stock, but supplies are limited. We recommend you check back often and follow our social media feeds to hear when new inventory comes available.

Can I sign up for more than one Lender?

You may only reserve one Lender at a time. But, you can borrow another one after you’ve returned it.

Do you take a deposit?

No, we trust the babywearing community :) 

Do you charge for damages?

Yes, if an accident happens, we charge the cost to repair it. We do not charge for normal wear and tear, small pulls, washable stains, etc. But, if it’s damaged beyond repair, we will charge you up to the price of the wrap. 

I live outside of the United States. Can I get one?

Unfortunately, the program is currently only available in the US.

Can I get one in Canada?

Sorry, not at the moment.

What's the fine print?

See the full Terms & Conditions.

I have another question. How do I contact you?

Use our contact form here.